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    Brief Introduction of Wuhan Campus,Yangtze University

    Brief Introduction of Wuhan Campus,Yangtze University

    Wuhancampus is located at the Caidian district,WuhanCity, near the Zhiyin lake, with remarkably convenient transportation advantages. It is about 40 minutes ride from this campus to the Tianhe international airport, Hankou railway station, or the Wuchang railway station. With excellent ecological environment, it is embraced on three sides by clear water and overlooked by green mountains. As a new development platform, the advancement ofWuhancampus is a new growth pole ofYangtzeUniversity. Moreover, it is a high-level research and development center, where first-level talents and academic teams have been employed to refine the platform. It is hoped the campus will become an important training base with comparative advantages, characteristic disciplines, and professional talents forYangtzeUniversity.

    With total construction area of 200000 ㎡, the campus covers an area of 672 mu, and its main construction includes teaching training center, information center, library, petroleum science and technology center, the comprehensive experimental center, the campus management center, student apartments and dining halls.With construction area of 26219 ㎡, the teaching training center is divided into A zone and B zone, which can accommodate 10000 students at the same time.

    With construction area of 3261㎡, the Comprehensive experimental center is divided into building A and building B, where building A has already been used as basic teaching laboratory and undergraduate laboratory.

    With construction area of 36440 ㎡and average height of 36.4 meters, the information center has been built according to the demands of 30000 teachers and students at school, with one floor underground and seven floors on the ground, which are divided into reading area, researching area and relaxing area.

    There are four schools or colleges and one unconventional oil and gas collaborative innovation center of Hubei province at Wuhan campus, including school of petroleum engineering, school of geophysics and petroleum resources, school of earth science, and school of resources and environment protection. There are 5622 full-time students at school, with 4476 undergraduates, 1146 PhD Students and postgraduates (including overseas students). There are about 500 faculties and staffs, 264 full-time teachers, among which are 133 professors, 163 associate professors, 280 teachers with doctor’s or master’s degree, 47 PhD supervisors, 90 master supervisors, 2 "double-hired academicians," 2 "one hundred talented experts in Hubei province ", 2 distinguished experts, and 8 "Chutian scholars".

    Wuhan campus is equipped with 2 postdoctoral scientific research stations of "geological resources and geological engineering", "oil and gas engineering", 2 first-level disciplines for doctoral degree of "geological resources and geological engineering", "oil and gas engineering" , 4 first-level disciplines for master degree of "geological resources and geological engineering", "oil and gas engineering", "geology", "the earth physics", 10 undergraduate majors, 3 national brand characteristic specialties, 1 state-level teaching team, etc.

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